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Please help a valiant newb (me) set up his first system. Does location of siphon in system matter?

Please help me out , I just bought a  3 x 3 ft and 6.5 inch height xtray from the hydroponics store, literally this store and link PICTURE BELOW. When I went there I expected them to sell bell siphons but they didn't, they had some whack ebb and flow hook up instead. I hate those becuase the roots get way more direct oxygen and breathing when the system is drained and plants grow way bigger in that as opposed to lettuce in a ebb and flow. I just literally ordered this bell siphon kit online (PICTURE BELOW) which is a "Aquaponics Fail Safe Auto Bell Siphon Kit 8" Media or Smaller Grow Bed". Looking at the picture of the xtray you see that on two opposite ends in the middle there is an area where you are supposed to drill the hole and put the ebb and flow plumbing in, on pipe on each side. I measured that gap and it is 3 inch wide at is shortest point and the media guard is 3 inch and drain pipe is 2 inch so I'm good on that. I just have seen in many videos that people always have the siphon in the middle. Is there a specific reason for that? Does that mess with the drain siphon effect or something and throw it off or just make is drain slower? Can I put and drill the siphon on one of the side gap indentations made for the ebb and flow pipe or should I risk putting it in the middle where there is a ridge making it difficult for me to drill and place it there? Please help me out, any answer is even if it doesn't totally help out is very welcomed and appreciated.

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You actually WANT to offset your siphons. Put the siphon opposite the end that your water is entering the growbed.

And siphon systems are ebb and flow systems. Ebb and flow, flood and drain....different terms to describe the same thing. Were you referring to a continuous flow system? Or one that uses a timer instead?

Alex is right, the opposite end is better. However I am using half barrels and have to have the siphons staggered in different places for the return lines to work as needed and they all work good even though some are closer than should be to the inflow.

At least with your tray being square, you can turn it whichever way you need.

Thanks so much guys for the reply and the peace of mind i have now. before i was talking about the continuous flow, you are correct my bad. That doesn't make plants grow the high at all. And everything i see people with them they got little lettuces and herbs. Thank you so much guys. hopefully ill get this siphon in the mail and finally get this set up. I appreciate ti guys!!

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