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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and plan to make an entry in the Intro section soon enough .But , until then I was hoping someone could give me some incite into my plants decling  health .

Quick run down: 

two 1000 l  IBC FT  six  300l GB  two 500l ST

 New system ,2 months old. plants went in from transfer from soil garden before first frost (Sept 15)

Mainly Swiss Chard ,Kale  relatively happy and health during cycling some yellowing  Adjusted ph down dose with sea weed juice. Seemed to be holding their own.

Added trout 1 1/2 weeks ago and plants seem to be failing quickly. Symptom: new growth stems seem to be withering. Decent amount of new growth coming but slowly dying off . A few aphids but no infestation.

Is this just a new system trying to find its way or is there something happening that I'm not seeing.

Thanks for the help


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I had same problem....bought Maxicrop with iron and put 2 tablespoons in a pint sprayer and sprayed the solution on the leaves of all the plants.   Noticed improvement really soon, so I continued to repeat the process every 1.5 weeks or so.  I got nice crops out of a brand new system this way !!  The Maxicrop with iron seems a little pricey...but when you see the results you'll be happy.

(I also intend to try spraying the leaves of my "dirt garden" veggies next year to see if it improves them as well... I have a feeling it will).

One other thing....make sure your water ph stays between about 6.8 -7.0 if possible.  Don't get all frantic if it creeps up to 7.2 or so...but try to keep it down at about 7.0 so that the plants can absorb all the goodies.  (Above 7.0 and a lot of the minerals and vitamins can't be absorbed I've been told).

The maxicrop will help a lot

Here are some updated plant pictures. They are still struggling. I'm seeing new growth ,but the stems seem "woody"

I have been supplementing with Maxicrop plus .

My ph is 6.6 -6.8

Is this new system blues or am I missing something?

after transplanting, the oldest leaves will die off. just pick them, and only watch the new growth. which looks good to me in the picture, just give it time. you can foliar spray the seaweed, (dont mix it strong! go light on the mix) and keep the plants rockin. ...kale and chard plants like to have their leaves picked, it makes the plant put on new growth faster.

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