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Hi all aquaponic gardeners,

I have started a new system which has a fish tank of 50 liters and i am using ornamental fish(goldies and mollies) , I started my system 5 days back and i have transplanted one plant at the time of system setup .

Description of my Sytem:

1. 5 days old

2. transplanted some plants.

3. Fish cycling 

4. reading of my sytems today are :

Ammonia: 0.25

nitrite: 5 PPM

Nitrate: 0 PPM

PH: 8.0

5. Using gravel as media 

6. Temperature : >100F

7. Grow beds are out doors (don't have any shade)

6. EBB and flow mechanism(siphons are working perfectly)

7 .My cycle is happening in short cycles(approximately 5 min/cycle) as my submersible pump is 1000L/hr capacity pump.

8. as of now my water cycling is giving good airation to my system(I dont know whether this might be the reason my plants are not looking good? not stopping my pump using any switch it is running continuously).

Problem : After i transplanted My plants are not showing any signs of doing well , It is not active after 5 days of transplantation also. 

Could some one please let me know what might be the problem in my system . I am worrying about the plants , My fish are doing really good in the system 

Thanks ,

Mohan Ch.

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