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I just started cycling my new system 2 days ago ,I will be doing a fishless cycle .I have read that you could add plants from the beginning but they may not make it through the cycle .I was pricing some herbs and other plants to start with and at 3 to 4 bucks a pop here in fl. I was not willing to through the money away yet .

Does anyone have any thoughts on just using the weeds in my yard which never get any fertilizer to help jump start the beds ? I could just pull them ,wash the roots of the dirt and stick them in the bed . 

I can't see where it would hurt anything but was looking for some input .

Trying to keep up front costs down .

thank you

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Thank you all

You don't want to introduce anything from outside use seed only or clean plants from a clean source wild plants will have bugs and fungus that you don't want.  

seeds are the route I am taking after much advice .

Don't be too skittish about using "weeds" after doing the peroxide clean (assuming you haven't used chemicals on them...) Most "weeds" are really nice edible herbs with medicinal properties. Try searching for the names of the plants you're thinking about on a homeopathic website. You might be pleasantly surprised! Many of the broadleaf plants and dandelion are terrific salad plants. There are many great books available that will tell you what parts of the plant are good for what kind of ailment and how to prepare them. I've purchased seeds for many types of "weeds" to plant in my system (not started yet......).  If I find the plant for free (in the yard), I'll just clean well and then replant in my AP.

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