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Plant leaves looking very deficient and peppers will not set fruit!!

This part of my system has been running about 7 months and was doing fine. We have entered the hottest and most humid time of the year and the temp stays in the high 80s. My cayenne pepper plant was producing wonderfully but now it has grown huge but the leaves look deficient and non of the flowers are producing fruit. I have also planted malabar spinach in the bed and it is also looking deficient. The basil and the rest of the plants look great. All of our levels are looking good but certain things dont look so hot. I am having to add a buffer daily to raise my pH is the only problem I have been having. Any ideas?

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Hmm, I vote iron deficiency. Light leaves with green veins, new leaves still green...What's your pH at?

Also, your pepper may be focusing on vegetative growth and not on producing peppers. You may want to do a little research on pruning. But this is coming from a guy who has never gotten any peppers from his pepper plants.

lol thanks for the advice. Ya I have just bought some liquid iron and will be supplementing. The pH is 6.4 but constantly dropping. I had a high yield earlier in the season but then it stopped and the plant just continued growing.

Our one pepper, jalapeno, is very productive and healthy - really cranks out the peppers.

- outdoors

- PH adjusted weekly with calcium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide (potassium is necessary for fruit set)

- EDDHA iron added weekly

- system two years old

See Nate's videos on iron/PH - they are worth your time, to say the least.

happy gardening

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