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Hello All:

Little help with the diagnosis please. These are basil leaves taken from the bottom of the leaves on the topside have been infected as of yet.  Any ideas for a cure?  Thanks.


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Hey Randy, check the undersides of the worst looking leaves with a magnifying glass, I bet you'll see a very fine fuzzy greyish growth. Any type of anti-fungal spray should do (like potassium bicarbonate...or even baking soda would work). Recently I've been trying out an anti-fungal bacteria (B. subtilis). The bacteria are not compatible with any copper based products (which is fine since I wouldn't use any copper around the fish anyways). After nuking the fungus with baking soda or whatever...I spray on the bacteria which then takes up real-estate on the leaf and creates an "living web" of protection so that fungal pathogens have a harder time taking hold...much the same way that a good fresh brewed foliar spray of worm tea would work...

It seems to be working out well so far...

Thanks Vlad I will take a look.  I appreciate it.

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