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I am thinking of starting a small farm and trying to focus on making a sustainable ecological system.  Need some holes poked in my plan before they poke through my wallet:)  A french study where they used three equal sized ponds/raceways to treat/use Swine manure.  First Algal raceways then daphnia ponds and finally the fish pond.  Was thinking basically the same system with a few tweaks.

First an array of salchicha biodigesters.  An array of them to prevent contamination- so i know the effluent will be safe. 

Effluent to Algae, solids to black soldier fly's/ worms


For the Algae probably a closed photoreactor instead of the raceways, again to prevent contamination.  Maybe like this  or this


For the Daphnia, possibly something like a stacked shrimp raceway but shallower.  Looking for something that will be easy and gentle to harvest.

Looking at raising Sacramento perch in an aquaponic system.  They are native to my area so I am hoping it will be easier to provide ideal conditions.  I am sure the fry will eat the Daphnia, not so sure as they get older.  Was thinking of also growing mosquito fish on the daphnia as a live feed for the older Sac perch.

Here is a study saying Barramundi's growth improved on them.

Daphnia are used to clean water in waste treatment plants, does the biodgester-algae-daphnia provide enough pathogen break or should I dry the algae first, Ive read this reduces the nutrient content.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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