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pictures of zapper/bug collecting setups for supplemental fish feed?

I am looking to set up an LED light (floating? submerged?) or if that cant be accomplished than a zapper to supplement fish feeding.  Just wanted some examples of what has worked or not worked if anybody has some!  thanks!

attached are some older pics of where I am at in my build.  The fish tank is the IBC tote, there are horizontal grow tubes on the right, the blue half barrel was the sump tank, now replaced by a 100 gal Rubbermaid tub.  Above the sump tank are the grow beds.  All water movement from the fish tank is fed by gravity, and aeration and water movement (300 gallons/hr) is done using a 25 watt air pump only using a diy "aquazen" style tube configuration.

thanks in advance!


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