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Philson Warner of the Cornell University Cooperative Extension at  the Food and Finance High School in NYC claims to have invented the term Aquaponics in 1980 and sells licenses to the technology at Cornell.

Can anybody confirm his claims?

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He lost me out of boredom within 1 minute.... :-)



Rubbish... everyone knows Noah invented aquaponics....

His sons thought it was a great idea and set up websites of their own, claiming to have invented aquaponics... and began training others... who all then set up their own websites, claiming to have invented aquaponic s... and began training others


This is proven by the exponential explosion in aquaponics websites in the last two years... all of which claim to be directly related to Noah, and to have invented aquaponics... and for a small fee.. they'll train you as well.. and give you a certificate to say that you're now an aquaponics authority as well...

On thinking on this some more.... what is the difference between aquaponics and a simple pond...except that we're growing the plants where we want to ??  Pond= water dirtied by fish, cleaned by bacteria and other processes, and fish eat plants.  Actually I think the pond has the upper hand on design.  Maybe I'm oversimplifying what happens in a pond?

yea he on real shit ...... mr. warner smoking something that having him on cloud 9 

what i didn't like about his short lecture was his delivery. ( the cockiness ) for someone claiming to invent aquaponics. he was lacking the love and joy, it was more about him and what he did 

Omari Jaffe said:

yea he on real shit ...... mr. warner smoking something that having him on cloud 9 

Invention of the term, maybe...  But inventing the idea, thats all a bunch of BS. Anyone heard of the Aztecs cultivation of Chinampas (floating islands)?  Terraced landscapes of IndoChina raising fish and rice? The hanging gardens of Babylon? No one can claim ownership over an idea that is thousands of years old.  Aquaponics is older than any man and anyone claiming original invention is clearly lying. Living in his enclosed ego bubble devoid of outside info, he might have independently arrived at the idea, but he is not the originator.  If he would like to claim ownership of the term 'aquaponics,' fine by me.  Just words man, just words. Here is my recycled materials build in action.  Old wood flooring, local creek bed gravel, one IBC tote, pond pump.  I didnt invent the idea or the word, but I did design a system out of used materials that both functions and beautifies.

My property came with to natural aquaponics systems.  They magical come together at the low ground and flow on to my neighbors property.

He called it a creek?


Guru Das C Bock-  Nice set up, fits the landscape also.  I'm count'n okra, tomato, cuke? and Is that corn in the back right side?

Happy fishing


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