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I have a Phantom 250 Digital Ballast connected to  a TM01715 timer. My problem is that when the timer switches on, the ballast doesnt turn the HID light on all the time. It will work for a few weeks and then stop working. when I plug the Digital ballast directly into the outlet, It works. 

Has anyone experienced this problem?


and Happy New Year!

Richard Kowalski

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I have tested the timer with a lamp. Its not a ballast, but at least I could see the timer switch the lamp on and off.

I have some of those timers for sale at our store, but have not used them. I to however use the cheapo TMO1015 analog 15amp-1725Watt timers on about a dozen different lights/ballasts (because I'm a cheap bastard)...ranging from 250Watt to 1000Watt with no fails whatsoever.

It's a $10 crappy old mechanical timer, but they've worked without fail thus far.

Not that your digital version is some high ticket item or cheap and digital which means there are a probably a multitude of crappy Chinese resistors in the circuitry to burn out or start behaving "funkilly". 

I'd just replace the timer...

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