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PH is a crazy thing, especially in aquaponics.

And this is why I do not even try to change it. These are two ph tests taken from two different systems, that use top up water from the same place. Actually the same hose. The only difference is that the one on the left came from my small system that runs off a 30 gallon aquarium, and the right is from my pond. 

The aquarium system has been running for at least 4 years now, and the pond almost a year.

Right now I'm tempted to take half of the hydroton from the little system and put it in the big system to see what that does.

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They are not even 2 inches yet.  They were on sale.  Last night when I saw your message I immediately looked them up and couldn't believe that Petsmart had them on sale and they only had 3 left so I immediately ran out to get them cause this algea thing is bothering me.  I'm not too worried about it, I know that algae isn't going to hinder much and that once this season is over it'll be more controlled.  But the plectos will come in handy as I already have another grow tank coming together this weekend and my other breeding aquarium inside so I'll split them up once they clean up this mess in my tote.

Sheri--how do your plectos do together or do you keep them separate.  I guess they're territorial...

Well it's on to HD.  My cucumbers are DYING!!  Gotta get them some shade! 

I've never had problems with plecos being together. I suppose if the food supply were short, they might get funny with each other. They're pretty smart. When algae is low, they will lay on their backs to skim the top of the tank & get flake fish food & duckweed. They also can munch on the pellets.

They really like tilapia eggs, so they annoy the tilapia when breeding is taking place. Sometimes they get really involved in eating algae and get in the tilapia's way, too. The tilapia will peck at them and they scurry away.

Hey Sheri,

Thanks for the undeserved compliment regarding records,   I only keep them until things even out then I'm not as vigilant. 

I am however very impressed with your OCD record keeping!  

You even count the snow flakes!  Now that's Impressive!   

@Jim: Hahahahaha!! 
You know, it's pretty easy to count to 57!

interesting. I'd originally planned to have prawn and tilapia but now I'm going to be using catfish and possibly some tilapia added in later. I'm wondering if I should also have prawn still

Catfish will eat the prawns.


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