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To all the Boffins out there I need serious Help!!!!


1x1000 lt IBC F/T

1x250 lt Clarifier

1 x250 Bio Filter

1x500 lt Sump

6 raft  beds total 1800lt 

1 x Pump 6000 LTH

1x Air blower total 22  Air Stones



KH  432 mg/L (4 x over the the accepted amount being 61 to 120 mg/L) or ppm75 to 150

NH3/4       0

N2            0

N3            5

Water temp at night 10 deg .Daytime 20 deg

Heres my problem

My PH being constant at 7 suddenly droped to 4.1 (I'm using 2 types of PH testers)

2 hours later went up to 5.6.

No chemicals were added what so ever to the water .

Presently I'm in a fish less cycle& my raft beds are stocked with plants.

I cannot find answers   so please help.

Many thanks.

PS.for those who are having hassles with bio-filter  or BIO BALLS Heres my Invention 

you can use SHADE CLOTH  with an airstone works like a dream .the more cloth the better.


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Probably testing error.  You have really good nitrification so an ammonia introduction event would swing your pH down, but not to 4.1. . . It is possible to swing that low with tons of BSA and highly adapted nitrifiers, but in your scenario I think it's unlikely.  I'd add ammonia and see if your pH drops again.  If it does, I'd really like a sample of your biofilter bacteria!

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