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Pest Identification- 6- legged white- but also changes color to blue then green? Looks like a big spider mite

I found an infestation on my broccolli and cauliflower.

at first I thought they were white fly - then upon closer inspection- with magnifying glass I saw that was not.

I've never seen this type of aphid/mite-

What kind of bug is this? What should I use to get rid of them? Neem oil? horitculture oil- animal fats?


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Thanks T-

TCLynx said:
Give em a day or two without food and then feed and see what happens.  Sounds like between the heater, salt, water change etc that they may have had a bit of stress.  If there is algae in the tank with them, they may be snacking on that when you are not around to see it.
How much higher is your pH than 7.6?

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