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Hi All,

I am new to aquaponics and am planning my first system with limited space in the backyard.  I was wondering if anyone had any experience with growing plants in a greenhouse while keeping the fish outside? 

I have a small greenhouse constructed on a 7 x 3 foot wood pallet which would serve as the area to house the grow beds.  I want to maximize my grow bed area so I was planning to place the fish tank outside to save space.  I don't believe this is an ideal situation but figured it would be better than using no greenhouse at all.  I live in Southern California where the weather is pretty mild so I figured it would not be too extreme a difference.  I was also thinking I could insulate the fish tank and pipes to help keep water temp more constant.

Any thoughts or inputs would be appreciated.     

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Hi Steven,

I'm new to aquaponics as well, but it doesn't sound like a problem to keep your fish tank outside the greenhouse as long as you still have it covered. If you can keep rain from getting into it (& possibly changing the PH), and fish from jumping out, I don't think there is an issue with the tank outside the greenhouse. If you look at various system examples (lots of them in a document free through you can see other people with outdoor systems as well - though having a greenhouse to cover everything probably makes it a little easier to maintain.

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