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South Florida post here. So we have had stupid rain for days in a row.Somewhere between a few and 18 inches today alone between my county and the other 2 around me . So here is my story. I was driving in wallyworld parking lot and saw what looked to be a leaf flickering back and forth on the concrete ground. The only reason i looked twice was it was way to windy for it not to fly away. Then i saw another one not to far away so i drove over to it. It Was a freaking catfish! I havent seen a walking cat sense i was about 7. I Jumped out in the POURING rain with some leftover lunch Tupperware i had in my van and got to work. I bet all the people who drove by while i was wrangling parking lot Catfish got a good laugh. What can i say im a sucker for free fish. So these are my new friends Larry, Curly, Moe And Put them in my tester tank. Hope they do well.
I bet im the only one with parking lot caught Aquaponic fish. Welcome to Florida

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