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After many hours of research I have decied that pangasius Hypophthalmus the irredescent shark is probably the fish I ate and prefer to tilapia.  It wholesales for half of the price of tilapia  but for my own use, it is cost( feed verses yield) a good deal.  Less  bones whiter fish denser stocking , just need a big tank  I will see.  Ihave raised them before and they grow to over a kilo in a year!   I will order a giant  batch of fingerlings if any one wants some



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As tropical species Tilapia and Pangasius do not tolerate water temperatures below 14 C for extended periods.  Growth rates are reduced and disease resistance is decreased. Neither species can be recommended for commercial production in areas where water temperatures are below 20 C for extended periods of time.


57.2 F - - - Interesting but it wouldn't work for me. 

Steve Bradbury said:

How much cold can these fish take? 

Not much point in bothering with an exotic catfish when we can grow native channel catfish here so easy.

Steve Bradbury said:

How much cold can these fish take? 

Yes but the swai do not taste like catfish  ++++++      I hate catfish  ,, the swai need to be warm though and I had to heat this year.

Thats kinda why they were interesting John......I have ghotten swai fillets , and it was a good firm bodied fish. I was really surprised when I looked them up and found they were a tropical catfish.

I don't mind the taste of our domestic channel cats.........but liked these better....with the cold intolerance issue tho, its a moot point

Hi all

I am Billy, supplier seafood from Vietnam.  ( pangasius and shrimp " vannamei, black tiger"

I can send the best offer with good quality and competitive price 

please feel free to contact me when you have demand 

Thanks and Regards ! 



They can get HUGE but be wary they don't grow near as fast as tilapia and are restricted in parts of the US.

For those who say they don't like channel catfish, have you ever tasted channel catfish grown in a nice clean aquaponics system?  I've never experienced any "muddy taste" or mushy flesh in channel catfish grown in aquaponics and cleaned/processed quickly after harvesting them (don't leave them to die slowly in a warm UN-oxygenated holding tank water all day while out fishing.)

Then again, I'm not looking to grow something exotic that requires me to heat the water.

+1 on the catfish. Thanks to much help from posts by TCLynx I harvested my first cats two weeks ago. Though I have blues, which I thought were the same as channel cats but apparently they are a different species. My cats started between 4 - 5" last March, and the big guy was 17" and 1lb 12oz on 11/14. After 3-4 days without feeding, they went straight from the tank to the fillet knife (no skinning) and were VERY tasty. We had a fish fry / taco bar with store bought catfish and home grown. The store bought was good, but nothing compared to the home grown fluffy, flaky deliciousness. My remaining fish will winter well outside and survive water temp into the 40s, though I'm trying to keep it in the upper 60s if possible.

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