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I'm growing Pak Choy for the first time and was wondering if you can cut off the outer leaves and keep letting the plant grow.  I do this with my Kale (and I heard you can do this with lettuce).  So far, I've been just pulling up the entire Pak Choy, just wondering how others harvest it.


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Yep you can pick outer leaves.  Keep in mind though that eventually (especially as things warm up) the plant will bolt (go to flower/seed) and get bitter so you may have to watch closely and harvest the whole plant before it gets bitter on you.

I've always harvested full plants as I think it may damage the roots or base of plant and may let critters in.

I'll over plant my bak choy and thin as the season goes. giving them more and more room, and eventually they'll get kinda woody tasting by mid summer.


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