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I am experimenting with growing Pak Choy. Here is a picture of the very first one I have grown in my indoor system. Notice the root of the plant that feeds the head of Pak Choy. When it was a seedling it had a long stem that turned into the root you see. Now in my outdoor greenhouse I have a bunch of Pak Choy Seedlings. Here is a picture of one.

Notice the long stem which I assume is going to be the root of the plant just like the other plant.

So, what is the proper way to support the plant so that the stem doesnt break? I put a stake next to the seedlings to prop them up because they are falling over. 

As always, thanks for the input.

Rich K

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I piled up the gravel around the Pak Choy plants so that they are sitting up right. I was very gentile so that I didnt accidentally break the root or stem. They seem to be growing well. No problems to report. I figured it out! 

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