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I know it will be awhile before I need to think about this but I thought I would ask. I want to make sure if I need anything that I get it now and set it up before it happens.

I have a 1000 gallon tank and last year I heated it to about 60 all year long. I may do it again but I may leave for 30 to 60 days.

Last year I fed them but if I turn off the heater would I still need to feed them?

The tank is in a greenhouse and below grade so it may freeze not sure.  I can set it to stay at 40. My biggest concern is can they make it through that kind of temperature? I am sure Perch can but not sure about channel cats. Would I still need to feed them every so often when it is cold?

How cold can I let it go before I loose the good bacteria? I will not be growing anything during that time.

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Perch and channel cats survive here under the ice all winter, so I don't think the temperature alone is a problem.

We catch perch through the ice, so they definitely do feed in the middle of the winter when the water temperature is below 40F.

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