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This past week, we started our second greenhouse (sold our first one with our house last year), going bigger and hopefully better this time.  Put on some pictures so you can chart our progress and our frustrations.  Greenhouse will 20x52' and we will be running an ebb and flow with two 920 gallon fish tanks.  A lot of work but we are so looking forward to a larger system than what we had before.  Most of our system will based off of the old 14x36 greenhouse we had, which was inspired by the Spereano's, but we are making some changes based on what some of you all have done with systems.  (Thanks for sharing!)  We will try our best to keep you all updated.

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I was wondering how the wading pools are working out.

Brent Shetley said:

Well, this is what it looks like right now....9 of 16 beds are running.  Some leakage I have to contend with, but overall pleased with it in the early going.  Not the biggest fan of the wading pools, although I know a number of aquaponics buffs use them with little or no problem at all.

Will try to keep you updated, but work has me buried, making it hard to do my hobby!!!!!lol.

2nd grade pt deck planks at Lowes are under 5.00 for a 12 footer right now and they make great ap gb bench tops. Just say'n:-)

Brent Shetley said:

Appreciate the info....didn't have a problem with our wood boxes with our other setup (S&S based system), but certainly that is something I haven't thought of that would be in the realm of possibility when moisture and wood are together!

TCLynx said:

Beware if you are in termite territory, if the termites get up into the wood under the kiddie pools, the termites can chew through the thin HDPE plastic to get the moisture.  My duck-a-ponics kiddie pools have been pulled out for that reason.

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