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hi folks, i wanted to ask you about your opinion. As in my area, most shops just sell fish food for ornamental fish, which is way to expensive to feed to my tilapia, i was thinking about feeding my tilapia withorganic vegetarian dry dog food pellets. here is a list of the nutritions of the food i would like to feed to them. Protein content might be a little low, but if i compare it to high price koi food, i think its worth a try. it would save me a lot of money. What do you think? Is it even possible to feed non-vegeterian dog food to tilapia?

Nutritional Analysis
Protein 20.0 %
Crude Fat 7.3 %
Crude Fibre 7.5 %
Crude Ash 8.5 %
Moisture 10 %
Calcium 1.3 %
Phosphorous 0.9 %
Sodium 0.4 %
Energy 3,280 Kcal/Kg

Added Vitamins per Kg
Vitamin A 15,000 iu/kg
Vitamin D2 1,500 iu/kg
Vitamin E 120 iu /kg
Copper 10 mg

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dont use it... dog and cat foods are oily, and dont have any vitamin C   .... try a feed store. they will have at least a crappy ol catfish feed.. its not the best, but its better than the dog food for sure. i like to sift all feeds, to let as many of the fines, or powder fall out. i just pour it across a piece of 1/4" mesh i have mounted on a stand... it makes a huge difference in water quality.                       ... i am testing out a new Organic Fish Feed that is being made locally, and soon to be available, i will keep you posted on the release.

Thanks Rob, i was just thinking about it today, the oily and crumbly dog food, you are right. ....i had a far to oily fish feed already (the tilapia seemed to love to eat the oily film on the water ;) ) and i was dealing with water problems. now im on expensive pond sticks as my last choice before running out of food for my fish.Thanks for the advise with the food. im looking forward to hear from you about your results of the organic food.

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