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I have my 1st IBC and I have done some research. I am excited about aquaponics and anxious to get started. So many questions??

My concern this morning is do I start my system in the open air or do I need some sort of shelter? We live in central Florida where the temps are not really cold, but we normally get our share of rain. Any suggestions?

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I'm up near Mount Dora and I've been doing fairly well without a greenhouse (other than the darn squirrels.)

Let me know if you need to visit for more ideas


 I'm in Fort Lauderdale about to start a small setup using an IBC tote. I too am worried about too much rain upsetting the system. Hurricanes in the area limit what I can use for a greenhouse. I was thinking of an open air covered roof made from the clear corrugated plastic from HomeDepot/Lowes. But I've seen that stuff turn yellowish-opaque in about a year around here. 

Also we have raccoons that might be tempted by the veggies. Not sure how to keep out rain and animals while letting in sun and not being ripped apart in the 1st hurricane.  


I have had some experience with the corrugated materials you are referring to. It can get expensive, depending on how much you plan to use. It does become discolored and brittle after a couple of years. Not to mention, the 1st good storm comes along that roof is gone. Properly installed, it does make a good roof and could serve you well.

I found a 10' x 20' steel car port at Home Depot for a little over $200. That's more than enough room for what I want to do. We have our share of squirrels and neighborhood cats, as well as two small children who would love to play in there when I am not around. So, I will be wrapping the walls with 1/2" nylon mesh to divert the intruders. I will use standard greenhouse plastic up top to keep the rain out. Should a storm head my way I can remove the plastic roof to keep my little greenhouse  in the backyard.

My favorite winter breakfast is granny's squirrel pie. No more squirrel problem!

Yea, We might need to start eating squirrel.

Skin 'em, deep fry 'em and pick out the bones. Reminds me of the quail I was served not long ago in Valdosta, Ga.

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