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I am working on an article for Maximum Yield magazine (and my blog) on how to make an aquaponics or hydroponics system more attractive.  I have my own ideas (trim it in wood, landscape around it, etc.) but I wanted to see if any of you had given thought as to how to make either your backyard or in home system a little more aesthetically appealing?  And if you have high res images you'd like to contribute for the article that would be even better!  Thanks, all. 

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Fish tank ambiance is fun. Although this could definitely be improved upon, a few clearance christmas lights make your fishtank interior look pretty neat. (I'm not submitting this photo for a magazine ;) I covered the outside of the tank with a dark green tarp from menards.

Fishtank Ambiance

Also, growing with LED's makes your system look like a disco tech floor :D

And of course, having a system full of crazy healthy plants and vegetables can't be beat for aesthetics!!!

I like adding flowers to my grow beds. Marigolds and Nasturtiums are sprouting as we speak.

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