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Some of you might be interested in the unique aquaponics system we have created.

We are currently working on developing this system into a kit to facilitate year-round, individual-scale food production anywhere in the temperate zone.

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10% loses due to transpiration... and required top ups are normal... and may even be double that during the heat of summer... and/or with certain crops such as tomatos...

Makes sense and I've got 5 large tomato plants currently in that system. I've never used a hydrometer or a refractometer on the system, but I can't imagine too much build up with the top ups and all.

I'm curious what kind of evaporation/top ups Barry is doing and also at what frequency the water changes are needed. If somebody had a water softener in place, I imagine it could change things a bit.

Chip Pilkington said:
 If somebody had a water softener in place, I imagine it could change things a bit.
not following you there Chip... why would a "water softener" alter possible transpiration rates???
Sorry, looking at my comment, it sounds like that is what I was saying. I shifted thoughts between sentences.

I was brain-storming a bit - trying to think of why he might be getting higher levels of salinity or "salts." Not sure we ever determined what he was refering to. I don't use a water softener, but I've read that they can cause problems with salinity. I know folks that have them and they purchase bags of rock salt by the truckload.

One of the challenges of getting older - I just sort of bounce back and forth between random thoughts....:)
The problem is that you are labeling it aquaponic when it is not aquaponic . It is probably more like hydroponic or some hybrid of it. What you are developing may be great and benfical but still not aquaponic. Try a different label maybe it will go better for you.

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