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Hello AP Community,

I have been tinkering with AP in my basement for close to a year now.  I currently have a 240g and a 160g tank both of which are cycled nicely.  I was looking for some design ideas on how to utilize both tanks in conjunction.  I have been using totes for GB but would like to move to something Ill custom build.  I have been doing this as a hobby but would like to take it a bit further. 

So I was hoping to pick your collective brains for design ideas.  Also here are a few questions . . .

Being that I live in the northeast, what are some resources for AP in cold weather/ 4 season climates.  Is outdoors out??  Can greenhouses maintain in the winter when designed with that in mind?

Thanks to all the contributors of this site as it has been a wealth of knowledge!!


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Hi D... I'm down in NYC. This design is something that I would love to try if I had land to do it: Being that it has been tested it seems like something high on the list of possibilities.

Hello Jonathan,

Nice to meet you.

Thanks for the link. Very interesting concept.  I am also exploring the idea of digging in and using the ground to help insulate. Perhaps incorporate geo-thermal? Just thoughts . . . . .

I have 6 acres about 2 hours north of NYC.

I would love to start implementing some software on my small basement setup.  Not sure which packages out there are legit for AP.





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