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Help anyone please! : )

Back in Sept I rebuilt my entire setup. I went from one IBC tank to 2 55 gallon barrel's cut in half. I designed it to be more accessible and to fix some design flaws.

I transferred the media out of the old system to the new in one no loss of bacteria. The new system seems to be lacking big time. The old one grew plants really well...big and healthy. This system is barely producing. One bed grows really nice kale and that's about it. The bed I was growing lettuce in, which was once overgrown, is doing nada. My pepper plants have remained about an inch or two for months. The plants that have made it further are still small and withered.

As far as my system goes...I have 110 gallon tank. Nitrates are plenty, pH is down to 7.0 (I have limestone in the system which has never been a problem but I will soon be replacing.)

Why is nothing happening anymore?

Very frustrating. Is it possible that it could be the seeds?

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What is your light source?

I am using one 150 watt high pressure sodium light and the rest are T5 fluorescent lights.

Water temp?

Hangs pretty steady at 64/65. In a pretty stable environment.

Done a bunch of research and I think I may be experiencing potassium deficiency. I have leaf necrosis and very short roots which are both symptoms.

Any thoughts on that?

Hard to tell with your pictures... they are very small and you can't see detail. Are you buffering with potassium bicarbonate? Could also be magnesium... spray the leaves with some Epsom salts dissolved in water.

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