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Something is eating the leaves on my ghost pepper plant. It seems to eat all of the leaf except the center vein which it cuts. Not finding much on Google, was hoping someone has seen this before. I'm in Fort Lauderdale with cool (70-80) breezy but humid weather lately if that helps narrow it down.

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Japanese beetles?  They do that up here... skeletonize the leaf.

Could be cutworms

(1)  Shine at night and kill them by hand.  This is my preferred method.  Be persistent.  The key is finally being there when the cutworm is feeding.

(2) Flood the bed to drive them to the surface.  Feed them to the fish.

(3) Sluggo Plus.

These are some kind of beetles I guess. These tiny pests are eating up all the leaves and destroying the plants. In my aunt's garden, there was some nasty pest which was destroying the garden. She contacted Exterminators Roseville CA for removing all these nasty pests for her garden. These tiny little creatures have the ability to destroy the garden, it is necessary to eliminate these nasty creatures.

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