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(North DFW Area, Texas) Aquaponics / Aquaculture Fish Tank, Filter set for sale

We're in the process of restructuring our entire greenhouse/grow space and will be removing the Aquaculture part of the system - it currently operates as a decoupled aquaponics system - since we don't know how long it will be 'down'. 

  1. AST Endurance 4000 auto back-flush filter 
  2. ALITA AL-40 Air pump (runs the filters auto back-flush and mineralization tank)
  3. 1200 gallon (87"Diameter, 67"High) Food Safe Polyethylene tank
  4. Commercial Grade Reflective Foam Core Radiant Barrier Insulation / Thermal Insulation Shield for fish tank
  5. Airlift Component that flows ~15-20GPM You don't need a pump to run this filter = lower operational costs!
  6. ~ 250 - 300 Healthy Tilapia ~100 Pure Blue Nile from Lakeway Tilapia  ~200 Hybrid (Part Pure Pearl Strain and Part Pure Lake Nasser!) from Americulture * These are high quality, fast-growing, great-tasting fish that reproduce prolifically

They've been fed a diet of Organic Fish Pellets since they were fingerlings (as Fry they were fed Spirulina/Algae wafers) and are extremely healthy

This is a great opportunity for someone, whether new or a veteran to aquaponics/aquaculture, to get a great deal on high-quality equipment and healthy fish. We're more than happy to share what we've learned over this last 2-3 years, going from a small IBC based system to a larger IBC system (6 totes or fish and filters!), and now to the single tank/auto filter design... 

We're asking $2,500 for all, and will consider partial purchases if they work out ok (eg. we obviously can't just sell the fish tank,.. leaving the fish and filter :D )



AST Endurance 4000 Filter - $2,199.00  (includes Alita AL-40 air pump)

1200 Gallon Fish Tank   -        $800.00

Insulation, etc.   -                  $100.00

Airlift Components   -             $100.00

300 500gr Pure Strain   -        $600.00 +++


TOTAL COST TO REPLACE:   ~ $3,800.00

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