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I have a NFT system. I am growing beans in it right now. But they are showing signs of nitrogen deficiency.
I have a 350 liters fish tank with an unknown amount of tilapias in there.
I have a biofilter too.

I know beans require lots of nitrogen. I also know they are able to get some nitrogen out of the air. But some of my beans have very yellow leaves. Some have them almost white.

What can I do to add nitrogen to the water? I added some worm tea. But it didn't help with anything yet.

What can I do?

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How often are you feeding your fish? You can feed them several times a day, for 5 minutes, or until they stop eating. The more they eat, the more waste they produce. What are your nitrate levels at?

The feeding may have an effect. Lately I didn't get to feed them.
I should check the nitrate levels again

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