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Hi everyone, I have started my system up about 2 months ago with both fish and plants. I obviously started registering ammonia immediately, and nitrites soon after. It has been two months and I have not yet registered any nitrates even though the nitrite have been dropping over the past two weeks from 5 ppm to about 0.5 ppm. This isn't making much sense to me, unless all the nitrate produced are immediately being absorbed by the plants. This seems unlikely to me, because I have 35 comet goldfish that are almost 4 - 5 inches, and I only have about 10 small plants, not more than 5 inches tall.

Has anyone out there experienced something like this?

Is this normal?

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To boost Nitrate level try to feed your fish twice a day with the proper amount based on fish body weight, usually the recommendation is 2 percent of fish body weight.

Adjust water alkalinity to more than 90 ppm Calcium carbonate, water PH to 6.8 to 7.00.

Water temperature range between 65-70 degrees Fahrenhite.

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