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I'm a new member of this community. Let me introduce my self. I'm from the warm south of Italy and I've fallen in love of Acquaponic.I've always been interested about farming and growing in general. But, find a large area to do it is often diffucult when you live in a town.. So, I started to look about alternative cultures and study something more about it. So, I "discovered" acquaponic! Now I want to learn more, and have my own acquaponic farm, as soon as possible.My first objective will be to organize a small homemade acquaponic system (so I'd like to know about your experiences, your first steps. Was it difficult?).Someone could help me?!

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There are plenty of options to read about other people's experiences building Aquaponic systems.

I will offer my blog if you wish.


There are many others to read from as well.  Patience is probably the most difficult part of setting up a new aquaponics system since you have to wait for natural processes to establish for your bio-filter to mature.

 I'm in Austria right now,  visited TCLynx and many other operations in Florida last winter. Great information online, see also

 Do you have skype ?


Ciao Alessandra, coltivi sempre in acquaponica? Io abito sulle rive del lago Maggiore se vuoi possiamo scambiarci qualche esperienza. Questo è il mio blog:

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