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Hi all! My husband and I live in Northeast Tennessee and are about to adventure on our first Aquaponics venture.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a hearty fish for first-timers?  I have read a lot and it seems to vary according to your location... but I can't find a source that shows what would be good in my area.  Any suggestions would help!  

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Just starting out I would suggest goldfish there cheap and can weather winter. A lot of people make the mistake of jumping in with game fish that are much more expensive and harder to raise, have a fish kill and decide the whole process is to expensive. I did this but I am stubborn lol. The whole aquaponics way of growing is a learning experience and it is better to kill off a few goldfish and fine tune your system then to kill off a whole order of fish. If you want to jump right in (not judging)

I would suggest blue channel catfish there pretty hearty easy to care for and are somewhat forgiving. I am not familiar with your area for ordering fish so I cant help you on that front.

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Don't start out with cheap feeder or bait fish. They have potential to bring all sorts of unwanted crap into your system. Tilapia are just about as tough as it gets in my opinion. I had my nitrates off the charts for a season, (160+) and they still survived. The only downside to tilapia is that they like it warm. Even if you get the cold tolerant varieties, they grow optimally at 70+F.

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