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Hey all! I've been around this forum for quite some time, learning all that i can about aquaponics. I learned about it about a year ago and I've been reading constantly about it. 

Now its time to get started. I've learned a ton from this forum and Im forever grateful!

There are a few other forums and websites I've learned a ton from, one being Unrant. Its amazing how much information about aquaponics is available online. I've purchased all the parts and equiptment to build my first aquaponic system, and I'm anxiously waiting for the parts to come in!

As soon as the parts come in, I'll be posting pictures and documenting my build!

Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and personally thank everyone :)

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Hi Timmy,

Congrats! My wife and I are doing the same thing, slightly different path. We used to live in Racine, WI and she volunteered at growing power for a while while we were there. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, it's nice to see another midwestener and hope everything is on track for you!

You're moving along faster than I did - I read for two years.  I garden in the ground too but I find that some crops are more suitable to aquaponics, such as lettuce and kale.


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