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Hello all...newbie in South Texas checking in on my new IBC system.  I have a long way to go but am learning new things every day.  

I have three totes cut and one up and running.  It was started on May 01 and today I did my first water test.  No fish yet and a few house plants to start it off.

My P H is 8.8

Ammonia is 0 ppm

Nitrites  are 0 ppm 

Nitrates are 20 ppm

I have two large aquariums in my house and when I did a water changs, I used that water to try and kick start my aquaponic system.

What can I use to bring down my P H?  My tank is about 200 gallons water and river rock in the grow bed.



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Did you check your river rock for ph., before filing the grow beds?

Thanks guys for the reply.  I will give it more time to do it's thing.  And yes, the river rock in P H neutral by the vinegar test.  Did a big handful at a time in about a half gallon of 5% vinegar and no bubbles.


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