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Hello everyone,

I'm a newbie here in Central Maine...

I have a full cycled small system right now to learn the trade...

It's a 10 gallon aquarium with 4 goldfish, 10 gallon ebb and flow grow bed with 3 thriving tomato plants and 3 cucumber plants.  I also just planted some radishes.

It's been helpful to put the info I've picked up via the web into practice.

So far I've had a few problems/failures, but I've learned a bit from them...

- lost one goldfish (comet) early...learned that some fish aren't healthy enough to make it

- lost all the green onions I planted...learned that putting plants in a system that's not fully cycled is rolling the dice

- nearly lost my cukes...learned that a grow light needs to be closer to the plants if I expect them to make it

Well...I'll sign off for now

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I'm not started on my system yet, but should have it built this fall.  From the reading I have done so far, it sounds like you are doing really well.  Some of the horror stories out there talk about losing entire tanks full of fish and/or all of the plants on the first try. 


It is encouraging to read a success story.

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