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Greetings! Newly minted Aquapon here from the armpit of America, Central Pennsylvania.

I am currently running 2 systems. One with a 200 gallon Rubbermaid livestock tank in my basement, which has only 2 BGs attached, a halfed 55 gallon plastic drum (had corn syrup).

The other is in the green house, which is only a single 55 gallon drum fish tank (same corn syrup), but with a much larger GB, 3 X 3 X 1.

Will soon be converting the greenhouse to all GB with a new 600 (ish) gallon hand built fish tank in an enclosed section of my barn. (Tank will be next to the wormery, but that's another thread)

Looking forward to learning from the more experience lot of you and being part to the growing community.



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Hi Timothy,

Some pics of your setup would be nice.

Sorry... will snap some tonight and get them up...

We forgive you Timothy :D

Timothy McMaster said:

Sorry... will snap some tonight and get them up...

Sorry for not getting pics up yet... We lost a family member this week, so things have been... Well, rough...

Wow Tim thats tough, we are here when you are ready.

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