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Hey all,

All of my tomatoes in my large media based system have somehow contracted a horrible disease in which all of the new growth is extremely stunted and showing signs of chlorosis around the edges. They basically quit growing at this point and I am forced to pull them out. I shut the system down for 3 weeks and took all the plants out but left all of the water in the system. Cleaned everything down with bleach, started it up again and have planted a new batch of tomatoes, of which some are already beginning to show signs of the disease.

The system is less than a year old, I have 6 4'x8' beds that are filled with 3/4" basalt. They are fed by a 600 gallon fish tank heavily stocked with tilapia. It is in a heavily landscaped area with many imported trees. We are just coming into our summer months and for us in the tropics, that means high heat and humidity. 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Are the tomatoes from seed or did you buy them?

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Hi , i have the same problem here in french polynesia, i restarted two times and same think, the rest of my system is doing fine with cucumber, salad, herbs, even water melon, and nobody can help here for that, everyboday it's a general diseas but nobody are trying to do something, so please help guys if somebody has an idea, thanks.

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