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Hi Everyone!

My husband and I have been reading and learning about aquaponics for about a year. We found an article in an airline magazine about Growing Power. We recently moved and have some property to start experiencing for ourselves. We are pretty excited about learning best practices and seeing if we can grow produce year round in Michigan. We started up our first system over the last couple of months. We are using IBC tanks and have one gravel bed and two raft beds. For now we are trying it out with blue gill from our ponds but wnat to try tilapia and yellow perch in the future.

Thanks in advance for all your input and expertise! We look forward to meeting some of you at the Conference next month!

Sasha Grove

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Hi Sasha,

AP is exciting isn't it? You can upload some pics of your setup on your page so we can all share. You're lucky to attend the conference, hope to myself one day!

Where are you from in MI? I'm new as well, but have a huge vision ahead.  Still learning as the day progress.
Greetings from Grand Rapids!

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