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Hello Aquaponics community

I was looking for ways to set up a diy drip system for my garden a few months ago and stumbled on Aquaponics. Needless to say i was hooked right away. I started my first setup using 2 tubs and a pump i found at homedepot. I used feeder fish at first and kale seeds. Everything did great, but now i jumped in to a 600gal tank that i got from a local plastics store in nova, and all my fish died right away (36 hrs). I had my water tested at Petco and all the guy there said was that my nitrite levels were a little high. I'm going to get my own test kit but was wondering if anyone out there had any suggestions because I'm planing on using catfish, and I have herd that they are sensitive to high ammonia and nitrite because they have no scales.?

Thanks in advance 


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Hi Adam,

To do successful Aquaponics it is important that you understand some of its underlying principles, The following is a link to a tutorial on our home page. In particular you should follow the link on fishless cycling.

Getting a test kit is a very good idea

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