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Hello guys,

first off all i don't have any practical experience in Aquaponics:

Before starting testing the water i run the system for tree days.

No fish in the tank (18G)

day 1 after the test i added some liquid ammonia 

day 2 after the test i added "Cycle" to start the cycle (added for three days)

what do you think?

thanks fo your help


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Gabe...I forgot to mention, those bulkheads I used are for 1-1/2" diameter pipe.You can get them in other sizes too of coarse...

Oh yeah, say if you go with a 1-1/2" bulkhead, you will need to make your hole size 2-3/8"...or say if you go with a 2" bulkhead the hole you drill needs to be 2-7/8", a 1" bulkhead will need a hole 1-3/4" in diameter blabla...just thought I should mention that in case you need to buy a hole saw...

"Habemus Cyclum!"

dosing ammonia...


ammonia 1ppm

nitrite 5 ppm

nitrate 20

i dosed ammonia

today afeter 68 days

ammonia 0.25

nitrite 2

nitrates 40 or more.

i'll keep dosing ammonia, not really mental ready to put fish in yet....

thanks Master Vlad for you inestimable ....(and free ) support!


still working on the big  growbed... i looked for polyurethane sealant ,but the ones i found is not compatible with PP.


Gabe, I'm not exactly sure what/where you are needing to create a bond or seal, but polypropylene is very, VERY difficult to bond without melting it...

Since I cant source a friggin 80cm long piece of 5cm diameter PVC rod here, with which to make some adapters, (for my American size index valve to fit European size PVC pipe, and then glue them together), I've been trying to figure out how to glue PVC to PP  with not much luck so far...(since I can get both PP and PE rods here...appearently PVC rod is...get this, "too expensive" so nobody deals with it...and of coarse this being Serbia, nobody is interested in special ordering me a piece...expensive meaning $35 a would think it was 1000 gold pieces or something)...

But if all you need is to make a water tight seal between a bulkhead fitting (or its rubber washer) and your PE, or PP liner, then something like the 3M 5200 should work...Good luck trying to actually bond or glue PP/PE...

Whatever it's for, good luck finding something that will work on. Please let me know if you do.

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