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My wife and I are starting a new system in Bethel Acres Oklahoma. We are new to this and I'm sure we are going to make mistakes. Looking for other Oklahoma Aquaponic gardeners to share information, tips ect.

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Your picture looks like you are creating a significant system! Mine is only a small in in my backyard in Sydney Australia.

You may be interested in an aquaponics research project that I am running to help aquaponic users keep track of what is happening in their system using an on-line diary, as well as giving them access to other member diaries to see what they are doing. Current people using it find it especially useful for pool chemistry levels and how they change. I am also finding that they are finding it particularly useful when they start up, and the system is fairly unstable You can access it on the web, or via a smartphone. The site is on In the long run we are hoping to get enough data to work out what works well in practice - there are so many possible variations!

Hoping that your system goes well


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