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Hi, my name is Brandon and I recently setup a 300 gallon ibc tote, 8ft7inx6ft9inx20in deep growbed utilizing polystyrene foam for flotation raft system with 75; 3in net pots, 45 catfish in the IBC tote, 650GPH pump. I'm growing kale, chard, broccoli, sage, and an attempt at beets as well. So far all is well other than the awry initial algae spike, i panicked a little, threw in an 8-9inch pleco, some barley straw, some activated charcoal rocks in my bio filter, water clarifier for ponds that is safe for fish and plants, and a little bacteria booster in case my bacteria take a hit from the charcoal initially.  I utilized 2 inch foam for my rafts and used a 2&3/4inch hole saw to place my net pots, they fit nice and snug with that size. I used 3 inch hole saws on my first attempt and ruined my foam sheets b/c the net pots started to slide and fall through, they didn't have enough of a lip I suppose.  

I was one of the organizers for the San Antonio: March Against Monsanto event back in may, so I'm doing this as a form of GMO-free, organic sustainable living.

Anyone from the area with experience and suggestions would be greatly appreciated as a contact, but realistically anyone could work. The forum seems to have answered most of all of my questions thus far either way except for a few to include these:

1. Does anyone make their own organic fish food? If so, how and what ingredients? I'm trying to go as organic as possible and I use catfish as stated above obviously so anything omnivorous and freshwater safe would be appreciated.

2. If any local members see this, are there any local groups that do at least semi-annual meetups and discussions regarding aquaponics? If so I would be greatly interested in any information to be provided.

3. Do you have any specific go-to local vendors (local readers) for anything in general for supplies? 

Any and all reads, responses, and considerations are greatly appreciated

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