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Due to demand for fry/fingerlings we moved up the temperature in the breeding colony tanks this Winter and have both Blue and Hornorum/Mossambicus (all male offspring) breeding again.


Mr. Stork was a busy guy over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  He delivered about 2,000 fry from eggs.  These guys will be ready for sale as mixed sex fry/fingerlings in about 4 to 6 weeks.  Let me know at hucks@iconnetwork, if you need new Blue Tilapia for your aquaponic or small commercial operation.


Why raise goldfish?  Raise Tilapia and eat them down the road!

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Hey Phil, I could use some fry. What are your prices?


Price for pure strain is $1.25 plus USPS express shopping which is $18.00 To $40.00 depending on the size of the order.

This is how we pack the fish to ship, except we use Styrofoam peanuts -

Would you allow a personal pick up? I live in Seattle but drive all over the Puget Sound. That way I avoid shipping charges.


Ok where do I meet you?

How many do you need??

Are you available December 22, 23 or December 29, 30 or January 3??  After that we go back to regular hours.

Best, phil

Sorry for the long delay. I had kidney stones :( 

I am not available until after the new year. I am currently using goldfish for my garden, but want to do Tilapia. Any suggestions for the transition? What will your hours be after the new year?

YES.  Tilapia will be available all year.

Hey Phil,

My name is Joe Martino; we have met a once or twice on this forum and I think once or twice in person.  
I have a question for you; are you still offering blue tilapia fry for $1.25?  I would also be able to meet you to pick them up.
Also, do you have a line on resources concerning tilapia, or koi, both in terms of purchase and general care?  New to AP, looking to learn!  Also, have a system up and running; cycled with plants!  Time to look at fish.
Thanks Phil, looking forward to hearing back.

Thanks Phil

Will get back to you!

No, the $1.25 was just to get rid of the last of the selling season stock. Mine are pure strain Blue Tilapia. They are $1.75 each including 2- Day Priority shipping or $1.50 if you come by and pick them up here in Poulsbo, Washington.

They are fully guaranteed to arrive alive or I will make it right and you whole. I ship in orders of 25 or 50. If you order more, I split them up into 2 or more boxes. I have found they live better if shipped in small quantities.

I also ship 20% more that you order. So if you order 50 fishies, I ship 60. That way if you get a few deaths, it does not harm your order of 50.

Thanks for asking.


Huck's Egg Tumbler

If you are buying pure strain Blue Tilapia from me or someone else, you should breed them also. I ship both males and females. When they get to 4 to 6 months old they start breeding like rabbits or cats. When they are carrying the eggs in their mouths, you have to harvest the eggs when the eggs start to show eyes.

With Huck's Egg Tumbler, see photos, you simply place it is a cycled aquarium, with pump, heater (85 degrees is good) and an airstone/air pump and standing above the surface of the water an inch or 2.. No fish in the tank, they will eat the fry when hatched.

You place the eggs in the open top of the tumbler that is above water, the eggs will fall to the curved mesh mid-tank and be tumbled. With the tubing and airstone provided, start a GENTLE air flow into the bottom of the tumbler – GENTLE BUBBLING! Bad eggs will float to the top, remove them and throw them away. Do not feed them to fish in other tanks.

As the fry hatch they will swim through the mesh sides of the Egg Tumbler. Do not put more eggs in the tumbler that are junior to those now swimming in the tank that are more than 4 or 5 day younger. Before putting in fresh eggs to tumble, take the tumbler from the aquarium and clean out the debris.

The price is $38.00 including shipping. Buy a good used aquarium on CraigsList.

Questions, call me before or after purchase – Three Six Zero-697- Seven Eight Eight Zero. Ask for Phil.



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