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My name is David and we just moved to Roan Mountain, TN from Durham, NC area.  Loaded up the fish tank IBC and rock grow beds on a trailer and up the hill we came.  Just got them unloaded and on the greenhouse pad.  The new build begins.  Love the weather and looking forward to some trout.  Contact or visit anytime!  


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Hi David, Welcome to NETN.

Thanks.  You are not that far away.  We will have to visit sometime.  I have an intern here for the summer.  He is an aquaponics expert from Australia.  Has set up systems all over the world.  He is helping design my system while he is here.


That is awsome.  Ya'll should put together a meetup and invite the few AP'ers around here.  Would love to see how a professional would do things.  Please post pictures along the way too.

Hey David, enjoyed visiting your mountain hide away today. We are 2 peas in a pod. I suggest getting your layout on paper or do it on the computer even better. Some things will always change but a written plan sure does help for starters. See you guys soon.

Chris is drawing it up as we speak.  I am working on a business plan.  I will get the plans to you ASAP!  

Cool David. Been working on the GH today and "vac'd" the FTs with the wand I showed you and now I am about to get rid of the reducers in the GB distribution line with a straight 1 1/4 thinwall all the way to the end. Thanks to you guys I am feeling justified in stealing a bit of time to get some things "pretty" and finished up. I LOVE working on the AP but it does take away from other projects and you two got to see a bit of the projects that I have going here. Covered up barely describes it and of course getting the bell siphon orders filled and out the door takes priority. We need to have a tour put together once we get your system up and running as well.

David said:

Chris is drawing it up as we speak.  I am working on a business plan.  I will get the plans to you ASAP!  


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