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Hello from sunny South Florida. Just getting started in aquaponics. I have done some research and reading, but still tons to learn! I have started a system based on a 120 gallon pond we had and have added two grow beds and 2 vertical towers. Put a few fish smaller fish in to get the system started and have a few plants in as well. The grow beds are using a bell siphon to flood and drain. Currently the 2 beds are linked where one is filled and the other has the bell siphon. They flood and drain together.

Here is what the system looks like so far:

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Welcome Shawn. My name is Jack. I'm pretty new at this also. I've learned a whole lot on this site...just need to read and ask questions. There's a lot of very smart people that are willing to share their knowledge. I like your setup. It looks very organized. Take care


It looks vwry good. I love the way you have landscaped it into your house, and you pool. It will be interesting to see how you go in the future.

I'm running an aquaponics research project to try and find out  how they work in practice, where you can keep track of your pool chemistry, system changes etc on-line (web, or smartphone). You can then view other people's diaries and see what others are doing. There seems to be more variability in pool chemistry than recommended with no apparent ill effects. A quick look at some of the diaries, and many are over 20 at least at times.

Anyone joining can view the diaries of other people so that can do a comparison. You may want to join this, and use this to track how your system is going, and see how others are working, and help the aquaponics community. Who knows what we can find out. The site is on





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