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I'm Scott from Rhode Island.  I've been interested in aquaponics for years, since seeing it on display at Disney's EPCOT.

This past fall, I finally took some time to research the concept, and was pleased to learn that aquaponics is not rocket science.

I have created a very basic system consisting of three grow beds and a 100g fish tank. My fish of choice are Brown Bullhead Catfish.  Found locally, they are hardy, easy to keep, and best of all, free. 

My grow bins have assorted lettuce, chives, mint, basil, parsley, swiss chard, tomatoes, cukes, zucchini, and peppers.

I look forward to learning from all of your experiences, thanks for having me here!

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Hi Scott,

Thanks for joining the site. If its at all possible, posting some pics of your AP will help. Anything you need to know, just ask, someone here will be more than happy to assist, or join in on the discussions in our forum. We all learn from each other here!

Thanks Harold.  I'd be happy to post pics.  They're not the best, but you can get a general feel for my setup.

Scott, welcome.  You will find a wealth of info here and some comedy also.  Enjoy, explore and share.

Wait, they have aquaponics at EPCOT?

Great link.  The ride is a must-do for me every trip. Their greenhouse is setup quite nicely. 

You could stuff a full grown pacu in my mouth it's hanging open so wide. I had no idea...I feel so validated as a person. I share passions with Disney! Who knew...
BenHehle Beamz said:

Hi Scott,

How are the plants doing? BTW, Is that a drip irrigation type grid you have in the GB's? I notice you have a single line and a square arrangement in the both GB's.

Hi Harold,

My lettuce is growing fairly well, as well as my herbs.  My flowering veg plants are a little slow growing, unsure if it is a temp or nutrient issue. My zucchini plants have developed some spots that look like snowflakes, and have a few yellowing leaves, which I have to address... All-in-all, I am pretty happy as the system seems to grow better by the day, and kinks are progressively being worked out.

I have a flood and drain setup with a makeshift spray bar to diffuse the water flow; single line down the length of the top grow beds, and a square for the bottom bed.  When adding my lettuce seedlings in the top, I was concerned about water distribution, and erosion by having the 3/4" openly pour into the GB. So I experimented with the bar, and it seems to be working well. For the bottom, distribution was the main concern as that bed is fed by the drain off from the top two.  The water level does not reach the surface, and I was losing seedlings who's roots did not reach deep enough.  That bed has also shown improvement, since enhancing the irrigation.

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