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Hey everyone,


Japan Aquaponics needs its first proper logo, and we would love for this community to help us choose a great design.  We have been running a competition on a design website and we would really love for you guys out there to take a look and then vote on the designs, and offer any comments or feedback:



The designs can still be changed, and so if you think one design is good but needs to have something added, or taken away, then make a comment - we would very happy to hear from you.


So please help us, and please vote!


Aragon & Katsura

Japan Aquaponics

P.s. I know that some people, especially some designers, do not like these types of competitive design websites - but living in Japan it is hard to find English speaking designers, and we wanted to get lots of different ideas.  I hope that people will respect this.

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Good luck. I also would like to say that I like the fish on your current logo-- it's very cute.

I like your logo !  If it is the one in the upper left corner of your website, I would keep it ! I might find a way to incorporate a little bit of bamboo but that's just an idea.  It is still attractive as it is.

Thanks Bob,

We did indeed make a decision and choose the one that you see above - it is not quite as 'Japanese' as I maybe would have liked in a perfect world - but after so many re-drawings and so forth I just had to make a decision and I was pretty happy with this one... the koi is quite Japanese and so that was enough for me!  Thank you for the comment though it is much appreciated.

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