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Hi everybody, just started into this new hobby and currently in the planning stages of my first system so get ready, I'm sure I will have plenty of questions (some of them will be stupid i'm sure). 

After looking around this site fore a bit it seems like a freindly place, and i'm happy you let me join your little community!


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dumb is when you don't ask the questions.  Now some questions will be repetitive and you may get directed to threads where they have already been asked/answered but we understand that the site may not be super easy to search for a newbie.

I recommend reading the Rules of thumb

and I have a blog post you can read on the subject of basic media bed system design.

Remember that aquaponics is a triangle and the filtration is the most important part since a system can get by without plants or fish for a time but if the bio-filter doesn't work, the other two won't do well.  Stock according to your filtration, it doesn't necessarily take that many fish to power a good amount of plants.  And I personally like to fishless cycle up a system to reduce stress of actually getting fish and starting to feed them.

Good Luck and welcome.

Welcome Patrick,  

  What part of Florida are you from? I'm in Fort Lauderdale and also in the planning stages of my 1st system. I recommend as much research as possible before beginning. I've been reading for a month and still find new topics to cover.

Welcome Patrick! I too am new to the site and the hobby of aquaponics. Currently, I have 4hydroponics tubs and have had great success growing lettuce. Getting ready for my fourth harvest. I'm hoping to start with aquaponics the later part of this year. Noticed you are in Florida. Where? I'm in Titusville. Part of my initial research is to visit other local aquaponics farmers to get some ideas for my design.
Look forward to your response.
Rob :D

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