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Hello Friends

I recently set up a new breeding tank.  Tank is a 180 with a partially bare bottom + hiding cover.

1.  How long does it take the females to produce eggs assuming they are breeding?

2.  How are pairings identified? They swim together?

3.  Do the pair remain together forever?

4.  Will a male mate with a female in a tank with multiple males or does this complicate things?

5. How long on average for the fish to adapt to new tank (tank is cycled) and relax to breed? (been about a week)


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what kind of fish?... different fish have different breeding habits.. yellow perch lay egg "ribbons" over brush/structure,, bluegill make kind of a bowl on the bottom of ponds.. tilapia mouth brood..

with tilapia, a male will stake out some territory and defend it until he gets a female to lay eggs, he fertilizes, and she picks them up, and broods them in her mouth, after the deed they part ways.. the dominant male will breed the most but if there are multiple females, others will breed..

it all depends.. research the species you are raising..

i moved my blue tilpia to the growout tank and they didn't eat for about a week.. they're just now starting to calm down

I have tilapia and I have them in my reservoir tank.  I have all drain pipes draining in to the tank and level of water changes. Does this effect the breeding by stressing the fish to much?  I have installed 6-4in tubs for the fish to get into to have a protective structure. Water temp running 75 to 80 degrees. Any additional info will help.

Blue Tilapia

I have white tilapia  I see them kissing but I think that the smaller fish are eating the babies or the eggs  Can't tell which ones are not eating so if they were breeding I couldn't get them out of tank.. I am trying to move the smaller fish out to another tank.  The larger ones were eating off the top before i put them in this reservoir tank  but now they just want to eat the fry food when I put it in they have been in this tank for a month now. There is a lot of water draining from 3 grow beds and fish tank all the time. 

D Mauro said:

Blue Tilapia

I can see my first female with eggs in its mouth. Took 17 days and a big water change.  

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