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Hello All,

This is my first aquaponics system.  This is not its final resting spot but I needed somewhere cooler to work on it. The AZ sun can be brutal.  This is a basic flood and drain system that will be on a timer.  I have two fish tanks and grow beds.  I am using a 14' ratchet strap snaked through a 1" PVC pipe for the sides to stop the blue barrels from warping. I am hoping this will let me adjust by tightening or loosening the ratchet as needed. I will be putting a shade structure and trellis over the system.  Any and all suggestions for improvement will be appreciated. 

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Lookin' good man! As far as suggestions, I highly recommend getting some fish and maybe a few plants as well. Really ties the whole thing together nicely and gives your system that wonderful dash of panache ;)

Are those bell siphons in the growbeds? You know that the highest point you drill a hole is where your water level will drain down to. Those holes are really tiny and seem like they could clog easily. I'd recommend making them more like the picture below (although, you can make yours a little less dirty if you like :) ) and using a media guard. That way your siphon drains all the way down to the bottom and then breaks properly.

I love bell siphons :)

That will have to happen on the next system....this is simple flood and drain run on a timer....let me get this monkey off my back and I will be on to the next more sophisticated model....maybe next week :)  Thanks for your input!

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